From helping patients reach you on time to attracting new patients, Medbee helps you to make the most out of your practice.

Why Join us?

According to Canada Health Infoway, 90% of Canadians say they would likely book an appointment online, if the service was available. Less than 7% of practitioners provide online appointment facility.


Increase Revenue & Visibility

Medbee helps you be seen and heard. As a Doctor, you don’t have the time to market and bring in new patients. Our platform brings patients seeking healthcare directly to you.


Maximize efficiency

Medbee will reduce a patient’s dependence on your front office. Patients can use Medbee to book an appointment instead of calling, which gives your front desk staff more time to work on things that matter to you.


Turn No-Shows into Yes-Shows

When a patient cancels an appointment, the spot is immediately made free so that it can be taken up by any other prospective patient. This helps ensure cancellations never impact your practice.


Retain Patients

When a patient cancels, we immediately propose a new time slot to ensure patients are still choosing you. All users on our platform are sent an sms automatically to confirm their appointment before the booked slot.

How does Medbee Work?


How do patients find you?

The easiest way for patients to find you is via Medbee website and app. Patients can search by location, name or specialty.

How do patients book your appointment?

Patients can see your availability and they can choose and book an appointment accordingly. Patients can book appointments 24/7, even when your phone lines are busy or if your office is closed. Existing patients can save their family doctor to their favorites list and easily book an appointment with you again.


How will you manage your schedule and booking?

Your dashboard will provide you with options to manage your time and schedule. Medbee is configurable, add as many doctors as you need and set up units of time per type of appointment. You have complete control over your calendar which allows you accept and reject appointments. You will get real-time notifications when bookings happen.

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